Tom Anderson Cobra & Carmen Ghia.

This is a review of my latest guitar, a Tom Anderson Cobra, telecaster-shaped, with three P90 pickups. The top is quilted maple, the back is Mahogany, and so is the neck. 5 way switch, and the tone knob is a push pull that adds the bridge pickup.

Played through a Dr Z Carmen Ghia, with a dash of reverb courtesy of an Electro Harmonics Holy Grail…

2 thoughts on “Tom Anderson Cobra & Carmen Ghia.

  1. Thank you. I just came across your site, and after watching one of your reviews I immediately bookmarked it. I really appreciate the time you put into each guitar and pickup selection, and the natural grace you exhibit in your presentation.

    On this particular guitar, I was also absolutely blown away by those p90 pickups. I don’t think that “warm honey” is an actual technical term, but that’s the imagery that came to my mind as you played it.

    I think this is the tone Keith Richards has been looking for his whole life.

    Thanks again!

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