Video review of the Peter Malinoski #56 (Clean Tones)

Fantastic guitar from a great luthier, Peter Malinoski. Originally inspired by the Tele, this guitar is a complete departure from what we all think about when we think Tele, yet some of the tones are reminiscent of the T-style. This is the clean tone video, a dirty tone edition is on the way.

1 thought on “Video review of the Peter Malinoski #56 (Clean Tones)

  1. My brother and I have both been playing with guitars since the ’60s. We were recently laughing about the fact that in all those years, I have never owned an electric and he has never owned an acoustic guitar. This isn’t because we could play the other’s guitars, mind you, because for one thing, he plays right handed and I play wrong handed. Too, since the late 70’s I have lived either in California or Texas while he has been on the East coast.

    Still, I can appreciate a work of art such as this Malinoski. In fact, I can’t wait to send the link for this review of it to my electrified brother and to hear his reaction.

    Incidentally, about a month ago I fell across another LH acoustic hanging on a pawnshop wall that I stole. The guitar was immaculate, sounded bold and bright but was unplayable because it was set up so poorly. I learned of a man in The Woodlands, Tx who not only plays and repairs guitars, but also builds some very neat stuff. His name is Mike Nedd and can be viewed at
    I will also send this review link to him. I hope you will take a look at him and his work.
    That pawnshop acoustic I mentioned? Mike Nedd straightened it out for me and it has become one of my favorite guitars to play.

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