About GuitarVideoReviews.com

Greetings, and thanks for visiting our site!

The aim of this site is to provide as many real-world reviews of guitars and amps as I can afford to buy 🙂

Especially when it comes to boutique equipment, it can be difficult to find one to try before you buy. This way, at least, you can get a feel for what these guitars not only look like, but sound like!

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1 thought on “About GuitarVideoReviews.com

  1. so, in searching for reviews on Anderson guitars, I stumbled across your site. You own all these guitars that you ‘review? Wow.
    I live in Toronto and in a hour off work the other day went to kill some time at my local guitar store and picked up an Anderson guitar–a Tele style I think–for all of 3 minutes and was blown away by –just how it felt, it wasn’t even plugged in.
    So have suddenly added it to my must have list and thought I’d ask what you think. I have been looking at the Thorn site–I saw Jackson Browne’s lead guitarist playing a whack of them at a concert this summer so that got my interest. I guess Fender doesn’t care any more but this whole seemingly new world of building better Strats and Teles has caught me by surprise–Suhr,
    Thorne, Anderson, Nash, there are guys in Toronto doing it a local level–and of course, don’t really know who of these people is the best but Anderson has really caught my eye.
    The guitar in the store was fine by me but with all the options available, never mind finish, but pick ups, etc., it is a little overwhelming.
    Anyways, will now spend much time making my way through your site.
    Any opinions are most welcome.
    Do you ever sell your stash, I assume you have a waiting marketplace. The Cdn dollar and brokerage etc makes my buying stuff in the States even more costly but never say never.
    Keep up the good work.

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