Roland MicroCube & MojoTwanger Telecaster.

The Roland Microcube is a fun little amp that I use regularly for recording or to take to a friend’s. Here I reviewed the main channels with the help of my trusty Telecaster with Fralin Blues Special pickups…

Carr Hammerhead & MojoTwanger Telecaster.

If you watch my videos on or you know that I play a lot through a Dr Z Carmen Ghia amp. I also use my Carr Hammerhead, so I figured I’d do a quick review of this beast of an amp for ya. I am using my Telecaster with sparkly flame paint job, and the pickups are Fralin Blues specials…

Dr Z Airbrake attenuator

Dr Z Airbrake attenuator.

This video illustrates the use of the Dr Z Airbrake attenuator.

Gear used for this video:

David Thomas McNaught Single Cut Junior
Manlius pickups
Dr Z Carmen Ghia head
Dr Z 1×12 cab w/ Alnico Blue speaker

… and the airbrake!