Black Paisley Crook T through a Dr Z Carmen Ghia

I had a little fun with my Crook Tele & Carmen Ghia head over a backing track that I created a while back. I call it “somewhat jazzy” because I don’t have the nerves to pretend I can play jazz 🙂

This guitar features Lollar and TV Jones pickups and a four-way switch.

Blue Paisley Crook Custom T through a Dr Z Mini Z amp.

Bill Crook T review.

Bill Crook of built this beautiful T-style guitar in blue Paisley. It features a McVay G Bender, Adder and Florance pickups.

It is being demoed through a Mini Z from Dr Z.


Crook S-type into Swart AST.

Crook S-type into Swart AST.

Even though I am a Tele guy, this S-type keeps calling my name. And plugged through the AST, there isn’t one bad tone to be found!

This S-type is finished in seafoam green paisley and features Peter Florance Voodoo pickups. Built by Bill Crook, is sports a fat maple neck and is my favorite strat-like guitar.