Melancon Cajun Gentleman into a carmen Ghia.

Melancon Cajun Gentleman guitar review

Recently acquired a beautiful Melancon Cajun Gentleman built by Gerard Melancon in Louisiana. This guitar is incredible in terms of build quality, woods used and accessories. The pickups are TV Jones Filtertron and Filtertron +, and the guitar also has a Bigsby. The body is Swamp ash with a flamed maple top. The neck is maple with a rosewood fretboard… I am in love! Gear used for this video include a Dr Z Carmen Ghia and a Holy Grail reverb

Melancon Cajun Gentleman, ZVEX Box of Rock, Carmen Ghia.

Melancon Cajun Gentleman Distortion review… as requested 🙂

Gear used for this video: Melancon Cajun Gentleman ZVEX Box of Rock Dr Z Carmen Ghia EH Holy Grail