Tom Anderson Cobra & Carmen Ghia.

This is a review of my latest guitar, a Tom Anderson Cobra, telecaster-shaped, with three P90 pickups. The top is quilted maple, the back is Mahogany, and so is the neck. 5 way switch, and the tone knob is a push pull that adds the bridge pickup.

Played through a Dr Z Carmen Ghia, with a dash of reverb courtesy of an Electro Harmonics Holy Grail…

Tom Anderson Cobra 3 P90 Box of Rock and Carmen Ghia

Tom Anderson Cobra 3 P90 Distortion review… as requested 🙂

Gear used for this video: Tom Anderson Cobra 3 P90 ZVEX Box of Rock Dr Z Carmen Ghia EH Holy Grail

Tom Anderson Cobra w/ 3P90s and a Mini Z

Take a Tom Anderson Cobra. Add three P90s – because you can. Plug that sucker into an Electro Harmonix Holy Grail reverb pedal.

Proceed to plug the afore-mentioned gear into a Dr Z Mini Z amp w/ the volume set at 1200hrs, and the attenuator at “4”.

Then go ahead and pretend you can play some blues.

yeah, it’s fun, ain’t it?

Tom Anderson Cobra and Carr Mercury amp.

Tom Anderson Cobra w/ two Humbuckers played through a Carr Mercury amplifier.

This guitar features a Gibson scale and a 6120 Tiger Eye finish. It was never sold by the original store, and was bought NOS, or New Old Stock. It was traded to acquire a Lentz T-style.