Seafoam Green MojoTwanger Telecaster Review

A video of the guitar that was my #1 guitar for a long time: a Fender Telecaster in seafoam green nitro w/ OC Duff pickups, a Warmoth neck, Sperzel locking tuners, and an Earvana nut!

Fender Telecaster Hot Rod 52 & Carmen Ghia amp.

Fender Telecaster Hot Rod 52 review

This guitar is US made, with a single Tele bridge pickup and a Seymour Duncan mini-humbucker in the neck position. The neck is medium chunky, the finish is butterscoth nitro – see through so you can enjoy the grain – and the guitar comes in a beautiful Fender Tweed case.

Gear used: Carmen Ghia by Dr Z for the amp, and an Electro Harmonix Holy Grail reverb pedal.

Tom Anderson Cobra & Carmen Ghia.

This is a review of my latest guitar, a Tom Anderson Cobra, telecaster-shaped, with three P90 pickups. The top is quilted maple, the back is Mahogany, and so is the neck. 5 way switch, and the tone knob is a push pull that adds the bridge pickup.

Played through a Dr Z Carmen Ghia, with a dash of reverb courtesy of an Electro Harmonics Holy Grail…

Melancon Cajun Gentleman into a carmen Ghia.

Melancon Cajun Gentleman guitar review

Recently acquired a beautiful Melancon Cajun Gentleman built by Gerard Melancon in Louisiana. This guitar is incredible in terms of build quality, woods used and accessories. The pickups are TV Jones Filtertron and Filtertron +, and the guitar also has a Bigsby. The body is Swamp ash with a flamed maple top. The neck is maple with a rosewood fretboard… I am in love! Gear used for this video include a Dr Z Carmen Ghia and a Holy Grail reverb

Melancon Cajun Gentleman, ZVEX Box of Rock, Carmen Ghia.

Melancon Cajun Gentleman Distortion review… as requested 🙂

Gear used for this video: Melancon Cajun Gentleman ZVEX Box of Rock Dr Z Carmen Ghia EH Holy Grail

Tom Anderson Cobra 3 P90 Box of Rock and Carmen Ghia

Tom Anderson Cobra 3 P90 Distortion review… as requested 🙂

Gear used for this video: Tom Anderson Cobra 3 P90 ZVEX Box of Rock Dr Z Carmen Ghia EH Holy Grail

Black Paisley Crook Custom Tele into ZVEX box of rock and Carmen Ghia

Using my Crook Tele, I am having some Minor Blues fun on a lazy Sunday afternoon… as always, I am using a Carmen Ghia amp from Dr Z, along with a ZVEX box of rock and an EH Holy Grail.

Reverend Rocco w/ Carmen Ghia head

So my Rocco is back, this time with clean tones courtesy of my Dr Z Carmen Ghia. I am also using a DigiTech JamMan looper in this video…

… oh yeah, and my apologies to the Allman Brothers!

Lentz HSL / Carmen Ghia review.

Lentz HSL / Carmen Ghia review. A review of all three positions on this Lentz HSL guitar. A T-style bridge pickup and ashtray bridge, a P90 – all pickups are wound by Scott Lentz – a beefy neck, and a nitro sunburst finish on this double cut guitar.

Amp used is a Dr Z Carmen Ghia head w/ a Dr Z cab (1×12, alnico blue speaker.)