Reverend Rocco w/ Carmen Ghia head

So my Rocco is back, this time with clean tones courtesy of my Dr Z Carmen Ghia. I am also using a DigiTech JamMan looper in this video…

… oh yeah, and my apologies to the Allman Brothers!

Lentz HSL / Carmen Ghia review.

Lentz HSL / Carmen Ghia review. A review of all three positions on this Lentz HSL guitar. A T-style bridge pickup and ashtray bridge, a P90 – all pickups are wound by Scott Lentz – a beefy neck, and a nitro sunburst finish on this double cut guitar.

Amp used is a Dr Z Carmen Ghia head w/ a Dr Z cab (1×12, alnico blue speaker.)

Dr Z Airbrake attenuator

Dr Z Airbrake attenuator.

This video illustrates the use of the Dr Z Airbrake attenuator.

Gear used for this video:

David Thomas McNaught Single Cut Junior
Manlius pickups
Dr Z Carmen Ghia head
Dr Z 1×12 cab w/ Alnico Blue speaker

… and the airbrake!