Tom Anderson Cobra & Carmen Ghia.

This is a review of my latest guitar, a Tom Anderson Cobra, telecaster-shaped, with three P90 pickups. The top is quilted maple, the back is Mahogany, and so is the neck. 5 way switch, and the tone knob is a push pull that adds the bridge pickup.

Played through a Dr Z Carmen Ghia, with a dash of reverb courtesy of an Electro Harmonics Holy Grail…

Tom Anderson Cobra 3 P90 Box of Rock and Carmen Ghia

Tom Anderson Cobra 3 P90 Distortion review… as requested 🙂

Gear used for this video: Tom Anderson Cobra 3 P90 ZVEX Box of Rock Dr Z Carmen Ghia EH Holy Grail

Tom Anderson Cobra w/ 3P90s and a Mini Z

Take a Tom Anderson Cobra. Add three P90s – because you can. Plug that sucker into an Electro Harmonix Holy Grail reverb pedal.

Proceed to plug the afore-mentioned gear into a Dr Z Mini Z amp w/ the volume set at 1200hrs, and the attenuator at “4”.

Then go ahead and pretend you can play some blues.

yeah, it’s fun, ain’t it?