Lentz HSL / Mini Z review, Part I

Lentz HSL / Mini Z review. A review of all three positions on this Lentz HSL guitar. A T-style bridge pickup and ashtray bridge, a P90 – all pickups are wound by Scott Lentz – a beefy neck, and a nitro sunburst finish on this double cut guitar.

Amp used is a Dr Z Mini Z head w/ a Dr Z cab (1×12, alnico blue speaker.)

Lentz HSL into Dr Z Mini Z head, Part III

Lentz HSL into Dr Z Mini Z head, Part III… this time w/ a backing track in the style of Gary Moore’s Still Got The Blues. The tones this guitar deliver never cease to amaze me.

Gear used:

Scott Lentz HSL, neck position.
Dr Z Mini Z amp: Volume at 1500hrs, and attenuator on 3.
EH Holy Grail verb, knob at 0900hrs.

Sorry about all the clams, I was just going for the fun tones 🙂

Dr Z Mini Z & Fender SRV strat review

Take a Fender SRV Strat. Yup, that’s the Stevie Ray Vaughan model. Plug that sucker into an Electro Harmonix Holy Grail reverb pedal.

Proceed to plug the afore-mentioned gear into a Dr Z Mini Z amp w/ the volume set at 1200hrs, and the attenuator at “4”.

Then go ahead and pretend you can play some blues.

yeah, it’s fun, ain’t it?

Seafoam Green Trussart Steelcaster into a Mini Z

A review of my Seafoam Green Trussart Deluxe Steelcaster into a Dr Z Mini Z head.

Holy back, Seymour Duncan pickups.

Settings: Volume at 1000hrs, Attenuator on “3”.