Video visit of my guitar room / home studio

A video visit of my guitar room / home studio, because it’s been redone since the last one, and I never took the time to show it… so here we go. In it I show some guitars, electric and acoustic, amps, pedals, recording gear, some parts on the shelf, and a bunch of computers. How geeky can one get? Apparently, plenty geeky! 🙂

So welcome to Casa Mojo.

Sonic Blue John Suhr Classic Strat-style into a Mini Z.

Yesterday, I received a Suhr Classic, strat-style, in Sonic Blue.

Today I received a Dr Z Mini Z head.

Clearly, a review was forthcoming! So here we are… enjoy 🙂

Gear used for this video: Suhr Classic, Doctor Z Mini Z head, Avatar 2×12 cab & Holy Grail Reverb

Dr Z Mini Z & Fender SRV strat review

Take a Fender SRV Strat. Yup, that’s the Stevie Ray Vaughan model. Plug that sucker into an Electro Harmonix Holy Grail reverb pedal.

Proceed to plug the afore-mentioned gear into a Dr Z Mini Z amp w/ the volume set at 1200hrs, and the attenuator at “4”.

Then go ahead and pretend you can play some blues.

yeah, it’s fun, ain’t it?

Grosh Bent Top S through a Dr Z Carmen Ghia.

A video review of my Bent Top by Don Grosh. It features a quilted maple top, a heavily flamed maple neck w/ Indian rosewood fretboard, and pickups from Suhr and Fralin.

Gear used in this video:

Don Grosh Bent Top S
Dr Z Carmen Ghia Head
Dr Z 1×12 cab w/ Alnico Blue speaker