MojoTwanger: Life Goes On

I used my Thorn Jr 90 and a Swart AST amp to record this song I wrote called “Life Goes On”.

Collings 290 & Swart AST

A review of my Collings 290 played through a Swart AST amp. It features a Mahogany body and neck, a rosewood fretboard, and Lollar P90 pickups.

Thorn Junior 90 & Swart AST (clean tones)

A review of my Thorn Junior 90 played through a Swart AST amp with a dash of reverb and trem. The guitar top is made of curly koa, and is inlaid into a korina, or white limba, body. The guitar is a set neck, and features Thorn P90 pickups.

Huber Dolphin Jr, Swart AST, Route 66 overdrive.

A review of my Huber Dolphin Jr played through Swart AST amp and a Visual Sound Route 66 overdrive pedal. This is the dirty tones review. The clean tones is also available on this channel 🙂

I bought this guitar from Jim at as many of my guitars. This is a stunning guitar! One-piece korina body, superb neck joint, 1 coil-tapped P90, Gibson scale… a pure gem.